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The AtoZ Plus

The AtoZ Plus

Welcome to The AtoZ Plus. Bringing together decades of experience of 11+ tutoring, which has resulted in outstanding exam results and the expertise of a team of experienced educators. We are proud to introduce you to AtoZ Plus where you can find all the tools that your child would need to confidently face their 11+ exam.

11+ preparation can be a minefield to navigate with various books and resources available for purchase; however, with our decades of expertise, we have mastered the art of choosing the most effective methods of teaching our students without making them feel overwhelmed and burdened. These resources have been hand-picked by our experienced teachers so that your child would have the opportunity to experience and enjoy a variety of test papers, questions and challenges to boost their confidence during the 11+ exams.

Here we provide you with:

The AtoZ Writing Programme

Maths Papers

English Papers

These papers are suitable for:
  • Year 4 or 10 Plus Examinations
  • Year 5 or 11 Plus Examinations
  • Year 6 SATs Preparations
  • Year 4 and Year 5 AtoZ Assessment
  • 13 Plus Examinations

AtoZ Educational Services

AtoZ Educational Services is a premier 11+ tutoring service with a team of experienced and passionate tutors, specialising in teaching 11+ courses for decades. We are dedicated to providing our students with the best tutoring experience to help them achieve their highest potential. Based in Carshalton, Surrey, AtoZ Educational Services was established in 2010 and has a proven track record of success in selective school admissions.

A mission that began as a simple gesture of helping a friend’s child has grown into a successful institution, educating hundreds of children every year. Our consistent proven track record when it comes to selective school admissions. Since 2012, we have had 415 boys and 422 girls securing their 1st preference grammar school. In 2022, we delivered our best results ever – 123 out of 129 children who attended our both teaching classes and paper classes have secured a place in their dream grammar school.

In recognition of our success, AtoZ Educational Services was awarded “Children’s Tutoring Company of the Year 2020/21 in London and South East,” by Prestige Awards London.

Our passion is to see your child succeed in their mission and to help them to make their dream of securing a place at a prestigious Grammar school a reality. We strive to give every child an equal opportunity to succeed in a caring and safe environment and we also promote a positive and nurturing learning atmosphere that encourages a spirit of cooperation, respect and kindness among our students and staff.

Children’s Tutoring Company of the Year 2020/21

We are very pleased and proud to announce that AtoZ Educational Services have been awarded “Children’s Tutoring Company of the Year 2020/21 in London and South East.” This was awarded by Prestige Awards London.

We would like to thank all our staff members for their contribution towards this great achievement.

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AtoZ 10th Year Special Celebrations and Annual Prize Giving Event 2022

This year is Extra Special to us as we have past our 10 years in helping children with their Grammar School Entrance Examinations.
As usual, AtoZ students have made us proud again with exceptional results for 2022.

This is the breakdown of AtoZ Educational Services admissions for 2022.

Total Boys – 57 out of 59 boys
Total Girls – 53 out of 57 girls
Total – 110 out of 116 children

Hearty congratulations to all our students who have achieved outstanding results in our 10th consecutive year. We also thank the parents, teachers and volunteers for their unwavering support and encouragement, without which none of this would have been possible.

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