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What We Do

In this exciting new guided writing programme, we have developed a unique method to give structured guidance to each individual student to gain excellence in independent writing. The programme gives the students step-by-step instructions on a variety of topics and guides them in planning, structuring, and executing each writing task to perfection. We are passionate about your child’s education and trust that this guided approach will nurture them into becoming excellent writers.

How it Works

Step 1: Choose an assignment.

Step 2: Download the assignment and guidance notes including key phrases for each assignment.

Step 3: Complete the assignment within the given time and upload it to our secure website or alternatively email the assignment to submissions@theatozplus.com on Pdf format

Step 4: The submitted tasks will be marked by a team of experienced teachers.

**All instructions are provided with each assignment

Every piece of writing will then be checked and graded by our experienced team and the students will receive individual feedback along with tips and suggestions on how to improve.


Why is essay writing important?

A high standard of literacy is invaluable throughout all stages of life, whether you consider a child still in school, or a university graduate seeking employment.
All selective secondary schools, whether private or grammar, place a heavy emphasis on considering their applicants’ quality of written communication. Students will be asked to produce fictional and non-fictional essays. The ability to write eloquently must be cultivated from a young age: this course is a great start in that regard.

Why is an essay plan important?

Essay plans are crucial in that they directly counter the pitfalls that plague students: a lack of cohesion, running out of time, and a lack of content.
After many years of teaching essay writing at AtoZ, we have found that students of all ages and abilities struggle to maintain cohesion and a clear narrative throughout their essays. The use of a plan ensures that the story remains sensical and does not meander. Another benefit is that the student will be able to use interesting structural methods that complement their story.

The student must also ensure that the story is not overloaded with low-quality content– a plan helps strike the correct balance, as the student will directly be able to judge how much to include. They will be able to increase the quality of their writing by considering which literary methods will be best to use at different points throughout the essay. The use of a plan also prevents rambling, which mitigates the risk of a student running out of time.

Another glaring issue that has been prevalent is the tendency to run out of points to write about, and thus to write too little. Students who do not plan often make a mental plan of topics to cover, but, in the stress of the exam, these are often far too bare-bones and brief, so the student tends to rush through the points with the sole goal of finishing the essay. Making a detailed plan in line with our guidance will ensure that the student will have enough to write about and will also write in a way to please the examiner.

Why is our Essay writing programme unique?

With many years of experience, we have discovered that providing the student with two similar tasks, one with guidance and the other as an independent exercise, can indeed be an effective approach. Therefore you will find that Task One contains much more guidance than Task 2.

By including planning tips for each paragraph in Task One, we help students develop a structured approach to their writing. Planning is crucial as it allows students to organise their thoughts, create a logical flow, and ensure coherence in their work. By breaking down the introduction, main body, and conclusion into separate planning tips, we assist students in understanding the specific requirements of each section. Additionally, providing key phrases for the main body in Task One can benefit students who may struggle with generating ideas or structuring their arguments. These phrases can serve as prompts or starting points, helping students develop and express their thoughts effectively.

Moving on to Task Two, the instructions and blank planning sheet allow students to apply the knowledge gained from Task One independently. This step encourages students to put their learning into practice, strengthening their understanding of the writing process and promoting independent, creative writing.
Overall, this method offers a balanced approach to teaching writing skills. By providing guidance in Task One and then allowing students to complete a similar task independently in Task Two, the student gets the opportunity to apply what they have learned, foster creativity, and develop their writing abilities.

Do you provide English and maths tuition?

Yes, we do, for further information please visit the website www. atozeducationalservices.com

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